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       Prix Rail D’oc Best Film, Toulose, France

       Premio Manuel Barba, Best Screenplay, Huelva, Spain

       Premio Coral, Best Film, Havana, Cuba

Diosa de Plata (Film Press Prize), Best Director, Mexico

Ariel (Academy Award) Best Screenplay Nomination, Mexico

Ariel (Academy Award) Best Short Film Nomination, Mexico

Member of

Union de Productores (Mexico’s Producer’s Union)

Sociedad Mexicana de Directores (Director’s Guild of Mexico)

SOGEM (Writers Guild of Mexico)

AMPI (Mexican Federation of Independent Producers)

Jorge was born in Mexico City. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science (UNAM), a Photography Diploma (EAF) and a Film Studies degree from the Mexican Centro de Capacitacion Cinematografica (CCC), one of the most prestigious film schools in the Spanish speaking world. While studying film he began working as assistant director and then producer before he started his carreer as director.


                film Writer, director, producer

“Ramírez-Suárez makes no secret of the proximity of his noirish style to the work of Hitchcock or Costa-Gavras. Like his famous peers, he too makes use of the attractions of the genre for a piece of enlightening and compelling social analysis.”

Berlinale Special 2005


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Latest News: Jorge is in the final weeks of post-production of his latest film “Guten Tag, Ramón” with Kristyan Ferrer and Ingeborg Schöner.